Favela Tour - Estimate time 3 hours

A tour to Rocinha, the biggest slum in South America, supported by a very experienced tour guide. He lives in the area for over 40 years and from his experience, he learned 6 different languages all by himself. He will tell the story of the community with all the details of the social classes, the community services, the diseases, the rubbish, the mail and other relevant items for the understanding of the tourists.

Sugar Loaf Hike - Estimate time 5 hours

A tour to the coast of the Sugar Loaf. From Claudio Coutinho track located in “Praia Vermelha”, the back side of the Sugar Loaf will be climbed with the support of an experienced local guide. There shall be moments of much adrenalin as, for example, when climbing a steep hill where the Guanabara Bay is the main picture of the backgrounds. Ropes shall be used to overpass some obstacles.

Corcovado and Beaches – Estimate time 6 hours

Visit to the statue of Corcovado by train, to see the most famous post card of Rio de Janeiro – the famous “Cristo Redentor” which is 38m, located at 710m height. Sightseeing to the famous beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon.

Sugar Loaf and the Historic Center – Estimate time 6 hours

Visit to the Sugar Loaf followed by the Metropolitan Cathedral, passing by the Cinelândia region where several historical buildings of Rio de Janeiro can be seen, as the Municipal Theatre, the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Library, passing by the Sambódromo and Maracanã.

Corcovado, Sugar Loaf with lunch – Estimate time 8 hours

This tour includes the 2 routes above and a lunch stop in the famous barbecue place called Porcão Rios, a unique gastronomic experience. A beautiful view of the Guanabara Bay and of the Sugar Loaf shall be contemplated through the window.

Tour to Niteroi including lunch – Estimate time 8 hours

A tour to Niteroi, a pretty and surprising city with high levels of life quality, connected to Rio de Janeiro through a 14km extension bridge over the Guanabara Bay. Visit to the main attractions of the city, as the Contemporary Art Museum, the City Park, the ramp of hang gliding and the Santa Cruz Fort. Stop for lunch in “À Mineira “ restaurant.

Tour to the seashore, including lunch in Guaratiba – Estimate time 8 hours

A tour by the seashore contemplating the most beautiful and famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro, towards the South Cost, as Ipanema, Leblon, São Conrado, Barra da Tijuca, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Prainha, Grumari and Guaratiba. If previously scheduled, Burle Max’s farm can be visited in Guaratiba. There are more than 3.500 types of plants and a fabulous collection of works of art, library and several cultural activities. Alternatively, the Museum of the “Casa do Pontal” can be visited, which is the biggest Museum of Popular Art in Brazil, located in a quiet farm in Recreio dos Bandeirantes. It has more than 5.000 pieces of the most assorted styles, formats, materials and sizes.

Rio by night – Estimate time 5 hours

The VAI BRASIL 500 ANOS show presented after dinner in Plataforma barbecue place, has rhythm, melodies, beats, songs and typical dances of the story of our roots and our culture. It lasts approximately 2 hours, ending up with a parade of reach fantasies in the colors of the Brazilian flag.




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